The different year

2020 was not like other years. Any plans for a vacation abroad on fast roads had to be postponed. However, after the most restrictive restrictions were withdrawn, we were able to check whether Agdenes was in the same place as before. It was. At Agdenes Lighthouse there were also accommodation options, albeit without the possibility of staying overnight. The parking options were impeccable, with plenty of space for parking and great fjord views. No other workers to spot at the workers' day off.

A suitable domestic drive from Trondheim is Hitra. A suitable drive from Hitra is Frøya. The archipelago is possibly best looking from the sea side. On the road side, we perceive Hitra almost as an average mainland despite the fact that we certainly passed an underwater tunnel on the way there. So we continued through the next tunnel to Frøya. Here we got more of a sea feeling, but it was clear that they have spent little of the fish farming billions on making stop posts for random passing car tourists. Probably because they don't expect that much traffic in the outpost.